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June 15, 2009


June Houck

Oh, your story sounds a lot like mine. I was on bp meds since the birth of my twin girls (for just over 6 years). I got off last July (my doc had me go gluten free). I lost 7 pounds the first week, then very slowly after that; but I lost a total of 30 pounds last year. Unfortunately I stopped exercising and I have not been following the diet perfectly the past few months, and I am up about 5-7 pounds. Thank you for posting have motivated me to be good :)

Made By Mandy

Good luck Christine with improving your BP results. I too am going through a similar thing. I have had high BP and been overweight for 20 of my 37 years. Having suffered from depression my meds contradicted with one another and I very stupidly didn't take any BP meds for 3 years because I felt okay. My reading 3 months ago was 207/167. I was given a tremendous telling off and told if I didn't do something about it immediately I was committing suicide. I am proud to say I am following the GI diet, improving my health on a daily basis, losing weight and have drastically reduced my BP numbers.

I've lost 2 and a half stones in the last 5 months, still got 6 more to go but at long, long last I feel I have my health back on track and heading in the right direction. More importantly, the changes I have made to my diet have made me feel that it is something I can sustain. For the first time in years food does not control my life anymore in a way that 'normal' diets dictate.

I know it's a hard path, but you have lots of people walking it with you and I'll be there to hold your hand.

Monica Robinson

Happy to hear about your improved health. :)
It's really hard to follow diets and we need to look at it as eating healthier and making better choices - including myself. It is easier said than done but I need to apply it to my life too because we are suppose to value our bodies and because we our bodies are not our own but temples of God. :)


My bf has HBP too. He was on meds, but have since been off with lots of dietary changes. We hardly use salt for anything anymore. Some things I've found: adding cinnamon to your oatmeal was found to be beneficial to reduce HBP. Fish is also great for you. And of course, exercise is key. I hope you continue to be healthier & never need meds again for it!


So glad to hear that you are taking care of yourself! Sorry I haven't been around much! Just been sooo busy! You know how that goes! I have missed visiting your blog and hopefully now that some commitments are ending, I will have more free time to blog hop! Much love!


Wonderful site--love your music choices. God's blessiings as you work on your "temple"

Allie Gower

I will keep you in my prayers.

Your project is lovely. I used my pinking circles for the first time the other day.

Thank you for the inspiration and the chance to win some fabulous goodies.

Allie Gower

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