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January 13, 2009



Great job on the CARDS issue, Christine :)!!!


Yaaaay for you congrats on the new gig. I'm guessing your fave folder is the Swiss Dots one. :-))

Lea Lawson

Hey Christine- I just wanted to tell you congrats on your success! I don't need to be put into the drawing because I am on Provo Craft's DT....but didn't want to not post my congrats to you!!

Have a great day!


Congrats to you! I'll be looking for your cards as I have had a card requested for the same issue! So exciting!


My favorite organizational tip was to store the folders in envelopes and embellish with a strip of patterned paper.

I think your favorite embossing folder is SCRIPT ... am I right?

Thank you so much for this oh-so-generous RAK! You rock, Christine!


That's tough! i'm gonna guess swiss dots because that's mine :)
congrats on the cards and the cool new gig!!!!

Becca Shogren

I definitely guess that the swiss dots is your fav! I have to admit my folders are just in a plastic container too, but I am excited to see the new cuttlebug organization! Congrats on the new gigs!

Michelle Goton-Bertuzzi

Swiss dots? It's versatile, easy to add on other embellishments & it'll still look perfect. Congratulations on your CARDS publication. I'm happy for you! Big hugs to yoU!


My favorite organizational tip was the reference tag awatch book...I am off to do it right now!!!! lol
I am going to guess swiss dots are your is my favorite and most used embossing folder.
Thanks for a chance to win :)

Wendy Lust

I really like the tag swatches! I'm guesing your favorite is the swiss dots also.


This really has me thinking! I liked the recipe type box idea. But a binder would work too. I think your favorite is my favorite: textile textures! Thanks so much.


congratulations Christine. :) so happy to read this.



I really love the idea of embossing all of the tags to see which folders you have.

And hmmm....I don't know if I can guess your favorite. I've seen so much of your work. I'm going to guess the Swiss Dots....LOL!!!

marla Howell

I like the idea of the tag samples. I am going to say the textile one because that is one of my Favorites!!


COngrats on your accomplishments Christine! Very well-deserved!!

As for the Cuttlebug organization, sadly I only have one folder so far. :-( I do hope to add more to my collection though and I think for me, since space is an issue, I would go with the storage sheets in a binder!!

I too am going to guess that swiss dots is your favourite!!

Samantha Sib

Your work is truly lovely! I will be checking back, I got a cuttlebug for christmas so I can't wait to see your work for the DT. The obvious answer seems to be swiss dots, it is so versatile, but my official answer is SCRIPT.

Paola Norman

Congratulations for joining the Cuttlebug team! I so love Cuttlebug!!!
I'm so happy for you, you are an amazing designer and they are lucky to have you.
I didn't even know they have a blog. I have added it to my favorites and will be checking it out. My fav. organizing technique is the clear photo sleeves. I just love that look. I will say that your fav. folder is Script. I know it's mine!
Have a beautiful day and I can't wait to see your Cuttlebug creations!


Congratulations Christine! I hope I didn't jump the gun on the Cuttlebug DT news! And huge congrats on the pubs! I love the organizational tips they shared on the blog. Maybe one day I will have enough embossing folders to actually need to organize them! LOL! I only have 2 right now since I just got it for Christmas. =) My guess for your favorite embossing folder is the Swiss Dots because that is the one I am trying to find right now! No one has it! Oh well, I am sure it will turn up soon! And sorry for the long response! LOL!


I'm gonna guess that your favorite folder is swiss dots.

Julie O.

Congrats Christine!!!! You'll see one of mine in that issue too!!

I've really enjoyed seeing your 'cuttlebug' creations, along with a few other friends of mine who have inspired me. So much so that I finally got a cuttlebug!! I haven't even used it yet. I don't have any advice on how to store folders yet. Not a problem here....yet! LOL!! Thanks so much for sharing. I didn't know they had a site with a DT. Congrats on that!! I will be checking it out for sure!

Have a wonderful day and I DO hope and pray you are feeling better real soon.



Congrats on your accomplishments Christine!

I love the Cuttlebug Challenges blog! I love the swatch book idea and also either a recipe box or binder/notebook type thing..I will be sharing mine soon!



HUGE CONGRATS to you Christine. Can't wait to see more of your projects using the Cuttlebug dies. I'm just getting into them myself the past 6 months & LOVE them. Off to read the article.

Vanessa C

Congrats!! That must be super fun!!

The fave was the swatch ring, what a super fabby idea. I only have two cuttlebug folders because I couldn't afford any more at the time when I bought my But when I start getting a bunch I'd definitely stealing that idea.

My guess for your fave is swiss dots!



I like the idea of organizing the folders in a recipe box!


Congrats to you! So exciting. I will also guess Swiss Dots it's just so versatile! I love the recipe box organization idea! I'm going to have to put that to work for me real soon as my cuttlebug arsenal is fast growing. I just received the machine for Christmas. Thanks for your generosity! -Alisa

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