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January 02, 2009


erin yamabe

hi christine,
wow, that is very generous of you:)
i normally do not make resolutions, as i'm not good about keeping them for more than one month or so, light of a dear friend's husband passing just one week ago at the young age of 45, i've made some this year:
1. eat healthier
2. go to the gym 3 x a week.
so far, i've been to the gym 2x this week, and plan on going tomorrow. and i've had fruits and yogurts as snacks, instead of chips.
take care!
happy new year!


I usually don't make resolutions but this year I decided my resolution would be to try to get my work published!! {fingers crossed}


My resolution/goals this year:

1. Attempt to slowly but surely get in shape mentally and physically.
2. Help hubby regain his passion for body building. This is his hobby. And, with all the military movement and work stress, he's lost interest.
3. Get closer to getting my RN.
4. I want to be able to do all these things and still be a wonderful mom. Is this possible?
5. Keep the house clean and organized.

Wendy Lust

I've never made resolutions. Your giveaway looks great! I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

cheryl yelverton

For the last 23 years my life has been consumed with my kids. they grew up and left me and the two cats. my youngest left in august and has adjusted all too well to the independent life. SO... The year of 2009 will be my coming out year. Coming out of single parent life and going into... hmmm...what am i coming into? So i have decided this year i will rediscover who i am, what i like, what is important to me, who is important to me, where i want my life to go. the when has already been figured out. the when is 2009. during 2009 i will get to know me. that gives me 364 days to meet my goal.
thank you for the opportunity for such an awesome RAK. ms.cheryl


I kind of made some resolutions this year...

I want this year to be MINE. I don't want someone else to control it!
I want to have fun! I think I missed out on some of that last year!
I want to experience new things frequently.
I want to finish my Associates, no matter what it takes.
I want to make more friends.
I want to only take steps forward.

Alright, and for scrap booking. ---
I want to take more pictures.
I want to try new techniques and will whenever I can.
I want to make more scrappy friends!
I want to have fun!

What a wonderful LOVE RAK! :D I love it all!

So far I have taken some more pictures and have tried to keep in contact and get to know more people online :D


Beautiful giveaway! Happy New Year Christine :)

My resolutions this year are all summed up by my Word of the Year..thank you AE :) My word is PURPOSEFUL.
I want to be more purposeful in my time that I spend, the words that I say, the things that I spend time thinking about, and the things that I put in my mouth :)
I also am taking Beth Moore's challenge of memorizing two passages of scripture each month and posting them as a comment to her blog twice a month to stay accountable.


I can't say that I have resolutions. I will say however that I have goals in mind that I will be working toward.

One goal is to be ACTIVE in my kids' school system. I'm already volunteer tons of hours but I want to do more. Getting a job through the school district would be IDEAL for me and it would help with the second goal. The second goal is to get a paying job of some sort that does not interfere with be being available for my children. Another goal is to create more and that requires me stepping away from the computer more.


I normally do not make resolutions, because i'm not good about keeping them. But this year I have 3 loose weight before my sisters wedding in september.
2. stop smoking
3. use some of all my old stuff from my scrap supplies stack before i byu something new ;O)


I'm usually an anti-resolution kind of person. But this year I have committed myself to taking baby steps. Whether it's personal or work related, I am going to start taking baby steps toward completing my goals. My career didn't happen over night and neither did my relationships with people so why should my goals?

Cindy Collins

Wow-- how totally awesome of you! Thanks for the opportunity! I do not make resolutions- for fear of not accomplishing them. I do wush to scrap more this year--and actually spend more time with my family creating special times to treasure!


I would love to clean this room and keep it clean. I really thought I was organized, but I hate it when I spend time looking for things. Maybe soon I can get some time to do that.


WOW! I am loving this kit! I am so in the mood for Valentines day!! My resolutions this year is to make more time to create.I am a much more happy person when I am scrapbooking. Also, last year I made the resolution to loose weight and well that didn't work out so well. So this year I decided to be healthy and excercise.

Julie Ake

Hi! I just love your blog! I always say I am going to do a new years resolution but they are so general it really isn't a resolution. This year I read a post where you pick a word and try to live by that word each day. I have picked organize. Organize my craft room, my house, my job, my life!

Thanks so much!


I don't normally make resolutions but I do try to think of the year ahead and imagine good things happening!! This year is all about my hubby getting a job so we can get back on our feet!!

Kristi B.

Happy New Year Christine!
I do not make New Year's Resolutions. I usally make a mental list of things I'd like to do each year. So far I'm just hoping to take a nice trip up north & get a few neglected things here at home taken care of.

Kristi B.

p.s......those are some SUPER CUTE RAKS you have posted here! :o)


I too want to make this the year that I get published!! I started off the year by doing a sample for the pagemaps site for the Jan. sketches, so I am thrilled with that!!


Hi Christine....HNY2U :-) What a beautiful rak with Valentine's Day coming up next month...yummo! I have made resolutions in the past, some I've kept, others I haven't. This year I haven't made any....just happy doing the best I can in all walks of life really:0))


Christine, this is so beautiful!!!! WOW, you are always so generous with your RAKs. I didn't make resolutions for myself, however I created an ideal life scene for the way I will have my 2009. It will be a beautiful year with lots of soul searching literally and I even created a layout reflecting on that. There is a scrappy challenge I made for myself and that is I will use my scrapbook kits I purchased years ago, yes, all 34 of them...hehehe. I am wishing you and your family a very blessed year with lots of happiness and joy!

Mary Pacio

Hello Auntie!

Holy Cow! You already have 20 comments, it's only 8:55 PM !! OMG! You're famous!

Anyways, my new year's resolutions is probably like all kids... To be nicer to siblings. Well my other one is to get A+'s all the time(That would be so cool!)



Ahhh, I like your niece's comment!

For me this year I resolve to get my house and scrapbooking stuff organized! And to continue on my healtful lifestyle resolution from last year.

Thanks for the opportunity for such a nice RAK!


Happy New Year Christine! Those are some pretty great giveaways!

Well I don't usually make resolutions because I have learnt over the years that I just don't follow through on them. However this year I actually made a resolution and solely revolves around scrapping. I have committed to taking time out to scrap more often and to even submit some of my favorite peices to mags. Keeping my fingers crossed that something gets picked up!

Thanks again for the opportunity to win!


My resolution is this year i am going to attempt to BE!
I absolutely Love, Love Love the TC products.....maybe I'll get to BE The Winner.
Here to hope
Thanks Lana

Ruth C

My resolutions work better if they are goals, so my goals this year are:

1. Participate in the His Holy Name Challenge and combine my love of art with the study of the scriptures.
2. Find more ways to use my talents to bless other lives.
3. Lose weight and continue exercise and dance to keep arthritic joints healthy and strong.
4. Work on paying down debt and increase giving.
5.Design more, I love to design and it looks like it's falling into place for 2009.
I am most successful at achieving my goals when I have some sort of a motivation chart going that I see everyday and can track my progress with.

Best Wishes for the New Year!

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